Appeal Submissions

To appeal sanctions, the applicant/member/academic institution must submit a letter of appeal to the Governing Board within ten (10) business days from the date the grade is released, or sanction is handed down: 

  • Submit an appeal in writing

  • Attach documents that support specified circumstances described in appeal 


Upon receipt of the appeal, the board will issue notice of it’s receipt within 10 business days and conduct a thorough investigation pertaining to the matter at hand, which includes but is not limited to interviews, document assessments, background checks, etc. Upon evaluation of the written request and all supporting documents, Governing Board will make decision and notify the appellant the findings within four weeks via email and/or certified mail.


Once a applicant/member/academic institution has returned to good standing, any previous interventions shall have no future bearing on the student’s current status, unless a pattern has developed or numerous of the same complaint(s) are received. The Governing Board will not base their decision on discrimination, subjective reviews or impartiality. Under no circumstances will the Governing Board issue a decision as retaliation.


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