Registered Electrocardiography Specialist

A Registered EKG Specialist (RES) belongs to the category of cardiovascular technicians, who are health-care professionals that conduct tests of the cardiovascular system in order to identify electrical conduction rhythms. A RES must be an expert in different EKG/ECG machines as well as the basic understanding of arrhythmia interpretation, telemetry, non-invasive stress testing ,and recognition of MI (myocardial infarction). They must also hold a current active basic life support and automated external defibrillation(AED) by the American Heart Association. EKG/ECG scope of practice is not well defined state by state.​​

Registered Cardiac Arrythmia / Telemetry Specialist (RCATS)
Telemetry work usually deals with patients that are at high risk for complications, require constant monitoring and are in (or just out of) the ICU. By obtaining a ‘Cardiac Arrythmia/Telemetry Specialist’ certification, you will be able to recognize dangerous trends in patients’ vitals through examining changes in heart rate, blood pressure and more on the special telemetric equipment.


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