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A Registered Medical Massage Therapist is an academic professional trained to work with an anesthesiologist in pain management, physical therapists, chiropractors, hospitals, acupuncturists, etc. Based on kinesiology, sports medicine, cranial-lumbar-sacral techniques, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Swedish massage, acupressure, oriental healing methods, and other conventional/non-conventional sciences, our members have proven to be well-trained professionals in the science of healing through direct contact by way of hands, therapeutic skills, and techniques. 


We recognize that there is a vast difference between a massage therapist whom goes to school for less than 500 hours versus a provider who receives a formal medical massage education. Our credential represents medical therapeutic maneuvers which are conducted within 7 - 15 - 30 - 45 minutes, which is entirely different from a spa massage. 


We believe it is imperative that a massage therapist, prior to establishing their own practice, passes through clinical competency evaluation to guarantee respectful levels of knowledge in medical massage. However, aside from the NCMA, most other licenses and certifications are conducted solely through a written multiple-choice examination. The NCMA certification can truly attest that professionals are qualified as they must pass a 2-part examination - one written examination and one clinical practical examination. This method not only provides patients with the highest level of patient care, it also provides employers with a security of their employees skills and protects the therapist themselves by allowing the self-recognition of capabilities comparable to our realistic standards and expectations. A RMMT must be proficient in anatomy "muscular system", physiology, neurology, lymphatic drainage, skeletal system, kinesiology, reflexology, vital signs, BLS, ethics, and laws.


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