A Registered Phlebotomy Specialist (RPS) is responsible for the collection of quality samples or specimens from veins and capillaries from the adult and pediatric patient in an effort to produce the best quality laboratory results possible. The main focus of a phlebotomist is not only to provide quality patient care but also to reduce pre- analytical errors helping to support patient treatment and diagnosis. We believe that quality education must be verified by competencies and competent educators that follow specific standard phlebotomy curriculum which address common pattern of job task within the profession, since there is not a specific entity that really establish scope of practice, curriculum, clinical competencies hours and procedures guidelines nor basic and fundamental criteria for educators or instructors. Neither exist a licensed examination by any given state for the professor. We have created what we believe is the fundamental criteria for both the educator and program curriculum and competency evaluation for the RPS members to be through a 2-part examination—Clinical and Science—to guarantee employers that even recent graduates can perform up to the basic procedure and standards according to the basic academic knowledge proposed from our curriculum and to follow national standards according to CLSI (Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute) thus minimizing pre- analytical errors in the evolving field of phlebotomy and patient care.


































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