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Updated! Registered Sonologist (RS) | United States and International

A Registered Sonologist (RS) is vital in the diagnosis of disorders affecting the body with the assessment of anatomy and physiology and acquisition of diagnostic imaging to identify abnormal findings, pathology, and/or conditions. Specialties included in this credential are Abdomen, Small Parts, OBGYN, Interventional and Vascular.

An RS must be able to distinguish sonographic appearances, measurements, instrumentation, basic cardiac interpretations, venous/arterial waveforms, and identify, assess and document abnormal findings. Distinctive studies differ from state to state.

The RS certification holder is a knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified professional who passed set of national standards theoretically and clinically. Education must demonstration course completion of:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 

  • Infection Control: Environmental Safety 

  • Infection Control: Hand Hygiene

  • Medical Law and Ethics

  • Basic Life Support from the American Heart Association

Why Sonologist?

The NCMA recognizes the independent user practice of ultrasound. Unlike terms such as Ultrasound Technician, Ultrasound Technologist or Sonographer, we want to focus on the "practitioner" aspect that the job role truly consists of. Our goal is to recognize the true skill-set and knowledge-base Sonologists utilize as a direct provider.

*Please note, the scope of this credential will vary based on each facility, employer and state.

Now let's really talk...

The field of ultrasound is highly unregulated and ambiguous. There are no uniform educational standards, no universal protocols, and no two criteria's are the same. All the while, these multiple accrediting agencies, credentialing agencies, and membership organizations are privatized and pushing their individual agenda instead of what the field really needs. There are numerous preconceived notions starting with the misunderstanding of credentials versus licenses versus certificates versus registries and ending with the non-existence scope of practice. Our profession has multiple interchangeable titles, many of which are insulting to the people practicing. We are NOT technicians, we do not fix the machine. The versatility of sonographer often is mixed up with the person who types judicial transcripts, and technologist just leaves most people confused. What we are is a Sonologist -- by definition an expert or specialist in the performance and interpretation of sound in medicine. Our individual expertise either evaluates and records a perceived finding, or doesn't. The user independence, which is unlike any other imaging modality, must not be overlooked.

Maternal-Fetal Sonologist (MFS-I) | International Only

Ultrasounds are routinely performed as the imaging means to assess and document obstetrical development. Unfortunately, developing countries seldom have a proper education platform or verification standards, such as a credential, to acknowledge an individual has the appropriate clinical competency and skill set to perform these examinations. This credential will serve as the marker to identify individuals whom meet and/or exceed the standards set fourth. These individuals will be assessed by designated sonologists and granted credentials upon successful demonstration of the requirements and established standards. Attainment of this credential serves as verification of clinical competency and proper application and interpretation of the examination. Please contact the NCMA directly for more information.


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