Registered Sonologist Educator

Teaching sonology can be challenging without having the right type of educator at the helm. Often, medical doctors believe they are qualified to teach, however that couldn't be any further from the truth. Ultrasound needs to be taught by an experienced ultrasound practitioner, who can relate experiences and cases to students to ease the delivery of learning materials. We are proponents to high educational standards that start with the curriculum and end with the faculty.

Our requirements for a Registered Sonologist Educator are:

1) A minimum of four (4) years as an onsite/externship preceptor, and;

2) A minimum of five (5) years employed in ultrasound practice (they may be concurrent), and;

3) Sponsorship from a NCMA Recognized Academic Institution, or a Higher Education Institute with NCMA approval.

The Examination

Individual who meet the requirements will take both a written and practical examination. The written examination will consist of sonology subject matter AND pedagogy/andragogy cognitive learning fundamentals. The practical examination will be to assess the Educators ability to apply knowledge during scanning of general and vascular studies.

Upon successful completion, RSE's will be provided with a access to resources as well as seminars to stay current with field and teaching standards. This recognition will have to be renewed every two (2) years.

Download Protocols Here

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